Section 51 manual of Johan Viljoen Properties CC     (Registration Number: _2005/017348/23_
1. Contact Particulars
Head of Business:  Mr. D.J.A Viljoen                   Information officer: Mr. J.H Holloway
Postal Address:  P O Box1755                                Physical Address:     Boulevard Place 6
                              Mossel Bay                                             Beach Boulevard East Street
                              6500                                                                     Diaz Beach
                                                                                                        Mossel Bay 6506
Telephone No:      044 695 4049                               Fax Number:  086 623 2233
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
2. Guide in terms of section 10 of the Act
Any person. who wishes to exercise any right contemplated in The Act may obtain a copy of the information guide issued by the Human Rights Commission in all official languages, from the Human Rights Commission, Tel (011) 484 7149.
3. Facilitation of a request for access to information
Information which is not readily available as indicated in this manual, may be requested in accordance with the procedure prescribed in terms  of the Act.  Copies of the prescribed vorms to be completed for submitting a request, are available from our offices or on line at
4. Information available in terms of other legislation
Information is available in terms of certain provisions of the following legislation
Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997
Companies Act 61 of 1973
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Health Diseases Act 130 of 1993
Income Tax Act 58 of 1962
Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993
Regional Services Councils Act 109 of 1985
Skills Development Levies Act 9 of 1999
Skills Development Act 97 of 1998
Unemployment Insurance Act 30 of 1966
Value Added Tax Act 89 of 1991
5. Information automatically available
The following categories of records are automatically  available for inspection, purchase or photocopying:
5.1 Pamphlets / Brochures
5.2 Pricelists
5.3 Marketing and promotional material
6. Information available in terms of The Act
The subjects on which  the business holds records and the categories on each subject are as listed below.  Please note that a requestor is not automatically allowed access to these records and that access to them may or must be refused in accordance with section 62 to 69 of The Act.
Accounting records
6.1.1    Annual financial statements and working papers
6.1.2    General ledger
6.1.3    Subsidiary ledgers (receivables, payables, etc.)
6.1.4    Bank statements, cheque books, cheques
6.1.5    Customer and supplier statements and invoices
6.1.6    Cash books and petty cash books
6.1.7    Fixed asset register
6.1.8    Tax returns and assessments
6.1.9    VAT returns
Information Technology
6.2.1    Licenses
6.2.2    Software packages
Personnel Records
6.3.1    Disciplinary records
6.3.2    Employee information records
6.3.3    Employment contracts
6.3.4    IRP 5 and IT 3 certificates
6.3.5    Medical aid records
6.3.6    Provident Fund information
6.3.7    Salary and wage registers
6.3.8    UIF, PAYE and SDL returns
6.3.9    Workmen’s compensation documents
Statutory Company Records
6.4.1    Certificate of Incorporation
6.4.2    Index of members
6.4.3    Minutes of Members’ meetings
6.4.4    Resolutions
7. Requesting procedures
1.A person who wants  access to the records must complete the necessary request form, that is available at our offices, or can be accessed on   The completed request form must be sent to the address or fax number provided in this manual, and marked for the attention of the Information Officer.
2. The requestor shall be notified of the information officers decision in respect of the requested information, and if approved any costs payable. The information approved shall be supplied against payment of the said costs
8. Availability of the Manual
Copies of this manual are available for inspection, free of charge, at my offices and the South African Human Rights Commission.